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Omg color what is a color???
The thing I’ve noticed while trying to blend on line paper is that only some colors will blend well and look better than others. Brown and yellow show that it does not work well on it especially since I use several shades of brown all up until goldenrod and/or tan and it doesn’t even show. However the purple on Sue with the gang’s colors on her hair I adore and am curious on how it will actually blend on my actual sketchbook paper (my sketchbook is starting to collect dust but I really want to get better with my lines before I draw in it again).

MS. PAC-MAN UGH MS. PAC-MAN I LOVE HER OMG. Maze Madness is such a good game and no one really understands my feels on that game it makes me die in the inside. I like to base her hair off the Hanna-Barbera cartoon from the 80’s (reasoning behind her being a brunette) while still giving her the look from the Japanese artwork and so on. Most humanizations of Ms. P never really like to expand or really ugh I can’t explain it. It doesn’t stress me enough that the cancelled the sequel that never came to be.

As for Ms. P I like to say the same thing for Sue. Most don’t like to “expand” it’s just ugh not many people like to look into the history/games and apply it with humanization. With Sue I took her stern look and made it more calm and peaceful (unlike the others in the gang— her being an ex-member in my story). You can see where Yum-Yum got the hair from. And unlike the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, I don’t like to see her as like “sassy” or whatever. Still a rival/best friend of Ms. P either way.

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